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    No repetitive tasks.
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TaskMagic - Beautiful automations made simple, for free | Product Hunt
TaskMagic - Beautiful automations made simple, for free | Product Hunt

Time is money

If you could save $900/mo wouldn't you pay $200? Of course. Well that's what we do. Our goal is to take your repetitive daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and automate them for you.
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"Dude this is the most f***ing beautiful NoCode tool I have ever seen."
- Nile Frater,
it's also...

Get your time back

Take your most painful tasks and automate them, maybe you'll start enjoying the little things again 😉
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Easily Share ⚡️

With a copy & paste you can share the automation flows you build lightning fast!

Your dashboard

Collect data with unlimited multi-stage forms included with a dashboard to manage all your automations, tasks, and time saved.

Landing pages included

Landing pages and a web app come with a paid TaskMagic plan. So you can help close, sell, recruit, and much more to bring in the leads you want OR the traction you deserve. You'll have your own domain as well.


There is no limit to your creativity. We offer endless solutions, apps, and connections to ensure you have complete flexibility.
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"gives makers superpowers never before seen in a builder"
- Michael Gill, Maker Minions, NoCodeCoffee

Bring your data from Airtable, Glide or any other app.

Let our robots transform your data into TaskMagic-ready material and take advantage of the easiest and most beautiful no-code workflow builder out there.

Starting places for all needs

Design with ease

Complete Overview

Our automation builder allows for a wholistic view of your entire workflow.
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Whether you just need 1 automation or 1,000, V.One supports all sizes of operations
Earn Money


Automation platforms can get expensive, stop paying more than you have to
Training & Best Practices

Easy to Learn

TaskMagic has always been a tool that can and should be used by everyone. Remove the learning curve

Custom API

We don't have the integration you need? Use our HTTP Request or Webhook
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Full Support

Our team and community are here to support you while you build automations
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Data Transformation

Gather data about your customers and create data-driven apps.
Earn Money

Run Workflows

Run the automations you need once per week, or upon a trigger

NoCode Hackathon

For Underrepresented Founders. Build. Vote. Win $500!