So what can you do with TaskMagic?

Check out some more use cases here...and this is just a taste of what's possible

Automate Facebook

Create your own AI agent that does anything on the web for you

Automate Content with ChatGPT

Scrape Google Search results

Automatically enrich your data

Automate daily report updates for clients

Automatically Unsubscribe from newsletters in Gmail

Create your own chatbot and read PDFs

Automate WordPress and other admin panels

Automatically monitor a website for text changes like checking for when something is IN STOCK

Automatically create, update and manage your WordPress sites and plugins

Automatically QA the contact us form on your website so it's always working

Automate daily client (or anyone's) website reports

Automate Shopify and admin panel

Automate Front end QA Tests

Automate user invites and access

Automate your prospecting

Automate instagram unfollow bot

Automate Fiverr. stuff

Automate Your Etsy Store

Automate No code sites (bubble)

Automate Freelancers on Upwork

Automate Outreach

Automate Text Messages (openphone)

Automate Scraping Sites

Automate Instagram

Automate YouTube

Automate Google Search

Monitor changes on sites

Automate Airbnb

Automate AppSumo

Automate Your SEO

Automate LinkedIn

Automate Shopify

Automate Google Translate

Automate Files You Use